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Discover the Lab’s design service. Bring your ideas and projects to life. Several possibilities for you! We can :

  • work on the study or the complete creation of your projects,
  • or take part, improve, rethink a project already started,
  • or even more simply to check, modify or improve your 2D or 3D files.

Design in stages :


  • STEP 1: We make an appointment to exchange and make a diagnosis of your project. You provide us your specifications and together we think about solutions we can offer you, we think about the design, the ergonomics and/or the materials to be used, etc.


  • STEP 2: We start to work but we continue to exchange with you during this period.  We progress side by side with you in order to you can understand our choices and we can integrate your comments.


  • STEP 3: We give your the result of our work (2D/3D source files, photo renderings, etc.) that you can then use as you wish. This design stage allow you subsequently to initiate manufacturing step with professionals (industrial or not) and/or communication step (research of funds, commercialisation, etc.).

Our design service is for everyone, whether you are a company, an artist, a private, etc. It is the heart of our trade and a fundamental element for the implementation of your project.


Our laboratory is equipped with several machines which allow us to make your projects com true.

3D printers, laser cut, digital milling machines and many others, we allow us to quickly produce your prototype in order to validate your file, a mechanical concept or the design of an object. Find here details about our machines. This service can be totally independent and does not necessarily follow a support from us. You can  directly provide us your file that we will then use to create your prototype. We can also intervene to the creation of unique piece if our equipment allows it.


Beyond the study or the design of a project, we can intervene in the concrete realisation of this one, either internally, in the form of a micro-series, or externally, thanks to our companies  and skills network (local if possible). We support you or we manage the production of your project.